ITI-IPIA Leonardo da Vinci

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ITI-IPIA Leonardo da Vinci

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The technical Institute "Leonardo da Vinci" of Florence was set up by the municipality of Florence in the year 1900 to train good technicians for the firms of the town. For a century the school has been recognised for its didactic - structural characteristics, the point of reference for the economic and productive structure of the following fields: Mechanics, Building, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Informatics, not only in the area of Florence but in all the region. Some specializations of the Vocational Institute such as Graphics, Dental mechanics, Watchmakers, offer the only opportunity to form specific competencies in these sectors. The Institute has always been able to bring itself up to date regarding scientific technological innovations in order to offer the students the necessary preparation for the job market. At the same time, the Institute takes care of the cultural global preparation in a way that the courses of studies can be continued at University level.